Intellectual Property And Business Litigation

Our attorneys actively litigate and try cases to verdict. We have litigated cases in state and federal courts nationwide, including major venues such as the Eastern District of Texas, the Northern District of Illinois and the Central District of California, and have achieved successful results for our clients. Our partners are all members of the federal trial bar.

Our attorneys have backgrounds in engineering and science and are registered patent attorneys. Our ability to understand complex scientific issues gives us an edge over other attorneys. We are able explain complex scientific evidence to a jury and effectively depose and cross-examine scientific and technical experts.

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in state courts in California and Illinois, and federal courts across the nation. We represent plaintiffs on a hybrid or contingency basis in intellectual property cases. We represent plaintiffs in commercial and business litigation. If you would like to explore enforcing your patent portfolio, or if you believe that a company is infringing on your intellectual property rights, please contact us to discuss your options.

Our firm also assists startup and midsize technology companies in acquiring and prosecution of patents in a variety of technologies, including nanotechnologies. We also guide our startup clients in navigating the maze of the FDA, USDA, and myriads of state and federal regulations.

We represent defendants in intellectual property cases against the allegations of patent, trademark or copyright infringement. We offer alternative fee arrangements such as, flat fees and monthly caps on our legal fees. Our firm prides itself on offering quality representation at a reasonable and predictable cost.

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Success Stories

  • Successfully represented a patentee in obtaining a confidential settlement from a manufacturer of wearable electronics.
  • Obtained an injunction on behalf of a trademark owner enjoining a medical service company from using a confusingly similar trademark.
  • Successfully represented a trademark owner, a consumer product manufacturer, in an infringement suit against a competitor resulting in a confidential settlement.